Maternity Unit – Mother and Child Care Centre

Since the start of this century, in Pakistan and Bangladesh, a concerning trend has been growing. A high number of pregnant women undergo caesarean operations during childbirth. While in some cases, these procedures may be medically necessary, it is believed that in many instances, they are being performed unnecessarily due to a lack of proper care and attention from doctors. This is a deeply troubling issue as it not only puts the health of the mother and child at risk but also reflects a broader lack of concern for the well-being of women in these countries.

The problem is rooted in a system that prioritises making money and quick turnaround over care. In many cases, doctors are opting for the quicker and more convenient option of a caesarean operation instead of providing the necessary support and attention to ensure a safe and healthy natural delivery. In some of the worst cases, some doctors are performing unnecessary c-section operations to get more money from families, this is a form of corruption which is going unnoticed.

This issue is a stark reminder of the critical need for improved access to quality maternal healthcare in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is vital that steps are taken to address this problem.

The Need for Safe Maternity Units in Pakistan & Bangladesh

Despite advancements in the fields of IT and manufacturing, the healthcare system in both of these countries requires remodelling, restructuring, and financial investment.

Unfortunately, the stats in the “Rural Health” report by Umar Bacha show that:

  • 14.47% of every 100 maternal deaths in South Asia occur in Pakistan.
  • 8.89% of every 100 maternal deaths in South Asia occur in Bangladesh.

These figures are shockingly high.

15,000 women lose their lives during or after delivery every year.

According to various healthcare agencies, these numbers are vastly underreported. The UN has asked charities, NGOs, and other healthcare organisations to continue their efforts towards better facilities and a more robust healthcare system for pregnant women.

Why are we building Maternity Units?

At Dabbagh Welfare Trust, we believe that every woman should have access to quality maternal healthcare, regardless of her economic status. That’s why we are building maternity units for women who cannot afford proper healthcare during pregnancy. These maternity units will provide proper medical care for pregnant women from the start of pregnancy all the way through to the delivery.

Our team of doctors and healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality care. They will only perform a c-section when it is absolutely necessary and all other options have been exhausted. Where possible, our doctors will try their best for a natural and normal delivery. It is well known that natural birth is considered to be the best choice for the mother and the baby in most cases.

Maternity Unit – Mother and Child Care Centre

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Together, we can ensure that every woman has access to the quality maternal healthcare she deserves.

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