Mercy to all

Dabbagh Welfare Trust is an international NGO operating across some of the poorest countries in the world. It was established by Ahmad Dabbagh, Teacher of Tareeqah Muhammadiyah in 2013, to help the most neediest and vulnerable people around the globe.

Since its formation, DWT has reached the four corners of the globe, covering Africa, Europe, and Asia. Our projects include building water wells in Africa; building homes in Pakistan and Bangladesh and responding to humanitarian crises like the displacement of Rohingya from Burma. The projects are innovative and include methods to help the poor generate their own income. An example of this is that the DWT designed and manufactured motorised bicycles allowing vendors to sell multiple fruit and vegetables using a single bicycle.

The charity’s uniqueness includes donors being able to start their own charitable project with the help of Dabbagh Welfare Trust.

If you are passionate about making a difference to other people’s lives, take advantage of this opportunity. Please fill in the online application form and suggest a project, together we will help Allah’s creation in need.

Join us in serving humanity

The charity is run by volunteers – from the Trustees to the people on the ground across the globe – they are working solely for the pleasure of Allah SWT. Our donation policy makes sure that 95% of the donations go to the causes we are supporting and only 5% goes towards the overheads and marketing of the charity.

We work closely with our offices and partners on the ground and are able to respond in a holistic, transparent and accountable manner, which makes a lasting difference to the communities we work with. We are passionate about tackling poverty BUT furthermore, we are about developing self-sustaining and cohesive communities – hands-on approach that leads to a better quality of life for now and into the future.

Our projects include

  • Food Pack – £50
  • Water Pump/Well – From £250
  • Income Generation – £100
  • Sponsor an Orphan – £30 a month
  • Sponsor an Orphan – £360 a year
  • Sponsor a Widow – £70 a month
  • Sponsor a Widow – £840 a year
  • Sponsor a Nikah – £350
  • Build a House for Poor Family – £4,000
  • Build a Masjid – From 7,500

Please join us in serving humanity and showing mercy to all – the essence of the Islamic way of life.

Donate now to help the poor & needy Muslims across the World.

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