• About Dabbagh Welfare Trust
  • About Dabbagh Welfare Trust

About Dabbagh Welfare Trust

In 2013, the Teacher of Tareeqah Muhammadiyah – Ahmad Dabbagh, along with a dedicated team of volunteers, established Dabbagh Welfare Trust. This was a result of a growing need to help the most vulnerable and needy communities around the world.

Our Mission: Mercy For All

“The relief of poverty, sickness, distress or suffering of any persons who are in need…”

Dabbagh Welfare Trust has established itself as an international NGO operating across some of the poorest and war-stricken countries in the world including; Tanzania, Syria, Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, India, Palestine, and Morocco.

Our projects include; building water wells in remote communities, building homes, facilitating collective marriages, establishing eye camps, innovative business projects and responding to humanitarian crises, such as the displacement of Rohingya people from Burma and more recently – delivering emergency aid in Gaza.

Led by a team of dedicated volunteers, Dabbagh Welfare Trust is passionate about making a positive change in people’s lives, for a better future.

Our Vision: Mercy For All

Inspired by the Islamic principle of compassion upon creation, our vision is simply to have mercy for all through the act of charity. Our team of volunteers work with an ethos of service to the creator – Allah SWT.

We are passionate about tackling poverty and aim to develop self-sustaining and cohesive communities – a hands-on approach that leads to a better quality of life for now and into the future.

Our Appeals

Dabbagh Welfare Trust is a UK based Islamic Charity. Since 2013 we have been working across the world helping the poor and the needy. Throughout the year we help the poor and the needy from the funds raised via the following appeals

  • Gaza Emergency Appeal
  • Syria Crisis Appeal
  • Yemen Crisis Appeal
  • Rohingya Crisis Appeal
  • Zakat Appeal – Change lives with your Zakat
  • Food Appeal
  • Water Appeal

Our Work

Charity work is not easy but when you see a smile on the faces of widows, orphans, the poor and the needy, you feel good. Let’s all make dua that Allah accepts our efforts and eases the pains and worries of the poor across the world. Our work includes

  • Building shelters for the poor
  • Helping widows via ‘sponsor a widow’ programme
  • Supporting orphans via ‘sponsor an orphan’ programme
  • Sponsoring children to go to school – Educate a Child programme
  • Income generation programme – Helping poor come out of poverty
  • Collective marriage programme – Helping poor girls & boys fulfil the sunnah of Nikah
  • Sponsoring Syed families to help them come out of poverty


Our donation policy makes sure that 95% of the donations go to the causes we are supporting and only 5% goes towards the administration of all activities.

We work closely with our offices and partners on the ground and are able to respond in a holistic, transparent and accountable manner, which makes a lasting difference to the communities we work with.

How your money is spent?

At Dabbagh Welfare Trust, we deliver your donation in an efficient and wholly accountable way.

Transparency is important to you and to us. We do everything we can to reduce the costs of delivering our projects so that at least 95% of your donation will benefit communities directly. The remaining 5%, along with the Gift Aid, is used for admin and fundraising expenses.

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