Syria Crisis Appeal

Eleven years of brutality – over half a million died, out of which over 12,000 were children. The Syrian crisis has had a profound impact on the lives of millions of Syrians. Over 6 million became refugees and had to leave their country. 6.3 million found themselves living in camps within their own country. This war has only brought nothing but misery and destruction for Syrian families.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust is working with Syrian families to help provide life-saving food and water aid. As part of the Syria Crisis Appeal, we need urgent donations to help thousands of families bring some stability to their lives.

Syrian Crisis – People in desperate need of our help

£2.00 – will provide a hot meal for a Syrian

£50 – Food pack for a family

£100 – will financially support a family for up to a month

Donate now and help us save lives!

Syria Crisis – Help us save the children

The Syrian war has left the lives and futures of millions of children hanging by a thread. Many of these children were born just before or during this conflict. Throughout their lives, they have nothing but violence and destruction. These tiny minds probably think that’s how life is. Little did they know that only a decade or so ago their country was a peaceful place to give. Millions of tourists used to visit this land.

Today, the situation for millions of children and families remains precarious, over 90 percent of Syrian children are in need of humanitarian assistance. In a country where 90% of its children are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, what hope will there be for many years and decades to come?

Donate generously towards our Syria Crisis Appeal and help us save the children of Syria.

Help Syrian Children & Families Fleeing Violence

Some areas of Syria are still in a state of war. Violence interrupts overnight in these areas. Families have to leave these areas and find safe-haven in camps spread throughout the country and in neighbouring countries.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust is helping Syrian Refugee families by providing regular food aid and help them financially from Zakat Fund. For Syrian Refugee families, your Zakat brings joy and happiness. Our cash Zakat distribution is unique because it provides these families with an opportunity to buy what they actually need rather than living on what they receive i.e. food pack or a hot meal.

Syria Crisis – How can I help?

It is always the people of intellect who can bring a real change. If you are reading these lines then Insha’Allah you are one of those to whom Allah has blessed with a kind heart and intelligent mind. You can help the people of Syria By…

  • Making Dua for them – O Allah bring peace & prosperity to Syria
  • Raising awareness about the Syrian Conflict to friends, families & people of authority
  • Donating generously towards Syria Emergency Appeal to help provide food for the Syrian families
  • Encouraging others to donate or fundraise for Syria Appeal

It will take years if not decades to rebuild Syria but Allah has given us a unique opportunity to gain extra reward by helping our brothers & sisters in Syria. As Muslims, it is our duty to donate as much as we can. £1 given towards Syria Emergency Appeal will not make any difference to our wealth but it could provide life-saving food to a person.

As Allah says “If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.” Qur’an 5:32

Dabbagh Welfare Trust Delivering Aid to Syrian Families

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