Feed the hungry and poor

Imagine waking up every morning and not knowing where the next meal is going to come from for you and your loved ones. Imagine what will be your state of mind if your children are going to bed every single night having barely eaten all day. Imagine millions of fathers and mothers around the world staying hungry just to make sure their children have had enough food to survive that day.

Unfortunately, this is a sad reality for over 1 billion people in the world. Whether it is communities like Rohingyas, Refugees from Yemen and Syria or poor Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Africa, millions of families are struggling for food.

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Food is not a luxury, it is a necessity for survival

For us, living in developed countries, it is tough to understand how such a large proportion of the world’s population goes hungry every day. But the struggle for food is real if you are poor, disabled or a widow who hasn’t got anyone in the house to feed her children. Food is a necessity for survival and to live a healthy life.

Millions of diseases and illnesses are directly linked to a poor diet or malnutrition. Regular healthy meals are key to children’s growth.

Worldwide Food Crisis


Global population experiencing undernourishment (Source: FAO, 2021)


People without access to adequate sanitation.


Anticipated increase in demand for food by 2050 due to population growth (Source: World Bank)

$50 Billion

Annual investment needed to end world hunger by 2030 (Source: UN)

These statistics highlight the urgent need for concerted global efforts to address food insecurity and hunger. One way to help some of the families affected by this crisis is to donate a food pack through our food appeal.

Yemen Food Appeal

In Yemen, a country gripped by one of the most severe hunger crises in the world, the statistics paint a stark picture:

  • Widespread Food Insecurity: Over 20 million Yemenis are facing food insecurity.
  • Famine Risk: Nearly 10 million individuals are at risk of famine.

These figures underscore the critical need for humanitarian aid. Each food pack provided through the Yemen Food Appeal represents more than just sustenance; it’s a vital act of support and compassion. Your contribution is essential in delivering hope and relief to those enduring extreme hardship in Yemen.

Pakistan Food Appeal

In Pakistan, food insecurity remains a pressing issue, with significant portions of the population struggling to access adequate nutrition. The situation calls for urgent action:

  • Prevalence of Food Insecurity: Millions in Pakistan face food insecurity, with varying degrees of severity across different regions.
  • Risk of Malnutrition: A substantial number of individuals, particularly children, are at risk of malnutrition, which can have long-term health impacts.

The need for immediate and sustained humanitarian aid is clear. Every food pack distributed through the Pakistan Food Appeal is more than a collection of items; it is a critical gesture of solidarity and care. Your donations play a pivotal role in providing essential nourishment and hope to those facing food challenges in Pakistan, helping to alleviate the burden of hunger and malnutrition.

Gaza Food Appeal

Gaza faces a critical humanitarian situation, deeply impacted by ongoing conflicts and blockades. The food security statistics highlight the urgency:

  • High Levels of Food Insecurity: A significant proportion of Gaza’s population struggles with food insecurity, exacerbated by economic instability and restricted access to resources.
  • Children and Families at Risk: Many children and families in Gaza are at immediate risk of malnutrition, which affects their health and development.

In this context, every contribution to the Gaza Food Appeal becomes an essential act of kindness and solidarity. The food packs distributed provide not only the necessary nutrients but also a symbol of hope and support to those living under challenging conditions. Your donations are crucial in addressing the immediate needs of those in Gaza, bringing critical relief and support to a population in need.

Syria Food Appeal

Syria continues to grapple with a prolonged humanitarian crisis, marked by conflict and displacement. The food security situation is particularly dire:

  • Extensive Food Insecurity: A large segment of Syria’s population faces severe food insecurity due to ongoing conflict and economic challenges.
  • Vulnerability of Displaced Populations: Displaced individuals and families, including a high number of children, are especially vulnerable to food shortages and malnutrition.

In response to these critical needs, the Syria Food Appeal represents more than a donation drive; it is a lifeline for many. Each food pack delivered provides essential nourishment and a glimmer of hope to those affected by the crisis. Your support is vital in helping to alleviate the suffering of Syrians, particularly in areas hardest hit by food scarcity and conflict.

Afghanistan Food Appeal

Afghanistan’s food security crisis is acute, compounded by political instability, economic challenges, and natural disasters. The situation necessitates urgent support:

  • Critical Food Shortages: Millions in Afghanistan are experiencing severe food shortages, with many lacking access to adequate daily nutrition.
  • High Risk Among Vulnerable Groups: Vulnerable populations, including children, women, and internally displaced persons, are particularly at risk of hunger and malnutrition.

The Afghanistan Food Appeal plays a crucial role in mitigating this crisis. Each food pack distributed is not just a meal; it’s an essential support in the struggle against hunger. Your donations make a significant difference, providing much-needed food aid and a message of hope to those most affected by the ongoing humanitarian challenges in Afghanistan.

Bangladesh Food Appeal

The food security situation in Bangladesh is challenging, particularly in rural areas and among vulnerable communities. This appeal is a call to action:

  • Widespread Nutritional Challenges: A significant number of people in Bangladesh, especially children, face nutritional deficiencies due to poverty and lack of resources.
  • Vulnerability of Marginalized Communities: Marginalized groups, including those in densely populated urban slums and rural areas, are highly susceptible to food insecurity.

Through the Bangladesh Food Appeal, essential aid in the form of food packs is being provided to those in need. Each contribution is more than just a supply of food; it represents hope and support for those struggling with hunger. Your donations are crucial in helping to alleviate the immediate nutritional needs and support the overall well-being of vulnerable populations in Bangladesh.

Africa Food Appeal

The African continent faces a severe food security crisis, largely due to a combination of climate change, conflict, and economic challenges. Urgent support is needed:

  • Widespread Hunger and Malnutrition: Millions across Africa suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition, with children and pregnant women being particularly vulnerable.
  • Impact of Climate and Conflict: In regions affected by drought, flooding, or conflict, the situation is even more dire, with limited access to food and basic resources.

The Africa Food Appeal is a critical initiative providing necessary aid to those hardest hit by these crises. Every food pack delivered under this appeal is more than just sustenance; it’s a beacon of hope and solidarity. Your donations contribute significantly to alleviating the suffering caused by hunger and provide essential support to improve the lives of many across the continent.

We are Working to Eradicate Food Poverty

Here at Dabbagh Welfare Trust, we’ve been working with communities across the globe for over 10 years. We know just how important a nutritious diet is. That’s why we’re striving to ensure that no child or adult goes hungry.

We work with local communities to provide monthly food parcels for the poor and needy; especially widows, orphans and elderly without support.

As well as providing monthly parcels for the poor, we also set up and support emergency feeding centres to feed the poor, day labourers and street children. Allah forbid, if any part of the world is hit with a natural disaster or affected by war, we also provide emergency food packs for the people affected by the crisis. Ramadan and Qurbani are the special two holy occasions, during which we distribute food packs, zakat and sadaqah among the poor and needy, so they can have a comfortable Ramadan and Qurbani.

By supporting the Dabbagh Welfare Trust, you’ll be helping to feed families in times of emergency and to fight food poverty, ensuring no one goes hungry because they cannot afford food.

Help us provide food support for millions of people around the globe.

Why Support Our Food Appeal?


We believe in complete transparency. Insha’Allah, your donation will go directly to feed the poor and the needy.


With a proven track record of providing humanitarian aid in conflict, war, and natural disaster zones, your donations are in safe hands.


Every donation no matter how small, will insha’Allah have a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust is a UK-based Islamic charity. We take pride in helping widows, orphans, and the most vulnerable families from some of the world’s poorest communities. Since our establishment, we have delivered aid from the funds raised via the Gaza Emergency Appeal, Yemen Crisis Appeal, Pakistan Floods Appeal, Bangladesh Floods Appeal, Syria Crisis Appeal and Afghanistan Emergency Appeal and helped countless victims of poverty, injustice and natural disasters.

Alhamdulillah, as an Islamic Charity, we have a proven track record of effectively and efficiently delivering aid to the most vulnerable. Donate to the Ramadan Food Appeal, Ramadan Water Appeal or Ramadan Zakat Appeal – Donate with confidence.

If you would like to donate and have questions please feel free to ask. Whether you want to sponsor an orphan, sponsor a widow, donate a handcart, sponsor a sewing machine, gift a goat or help someone by donating your Zakat, donate with confidence Insha’Allah. Every penny will be spent according to Sharia guidelines and under the supervision of the experienced Dababgh Welfare Trust team.