Poverty Relief Fund

Millions throughout the world live in extreme poverty. Poverty impacts children the most. Food and financial insecurity increase parents’ stress levels, in turn affecting relationships and family dynamics. Dabbagh Welfare Trust’s poverty relief fund has been set up to help provide food and financial support to thousands of poor and needy families across the world.

Be it war-torn Yemen, Gaza or Yemen or millions living below the poverty line in Pakistan, Bangladesh and many parts of Africa, Dabbagh Welfare Trust’s aim is to bring families out of poverty by providing food aid, financial grants through Zakat and by helping set up start-up businesses like sewing, corner shops, rickshaw or goat farming. Increases in family income can boost children’s educational achievements as well as improve their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust’s poverty relief fund’s aim is to help families come out of poverty. Donate generously towards our poverty relief fund and help change the lives of the poor & needy around the world.

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The Purpose of Poverty Relief Fund

1. Combating Food Poverty

Food scarcity is a critical issue in areas like war-torn Yemen, Gaza, Afghanistan, Syria and poverty-stricken regions of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Africa. Our food aid programmes aim to ensure that families receive nutritious meals, thus safeguarding them from the perils of hunger and malnutrition.

2. Tackling Water Poverty

Water is life. Access to clean water is a fundamental human need, yet many communities suffer from a lack of safe water sources. This water poverty leads to health crises and hinders daily living. Through the Poverty Relief Fund, we can focus on providing reliable water access through wells, filtration systems, and sanitary facilities, particularly in areas where people do not have the resources to do these themselves. We have water projects in Africa, Pakistan, Yemen, Gaza, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

3. Financial Empowerment through Zakat

With your Zakat, we offer financial grants to families in need, aiding them in overcoming poverty. This includes setting up sustainable livelihoods through small businesses such as hand carts, sewing centres, corner shops, rickshaw operations, or goat farming.

4. Impact on Education and Well-being

Educate a Child, Sponsor an Orphan or Sponsor a Hafiz, many of these programmes are being run with the funds raised through the Poverty Relief Fund. Through these programmes, we not only boost children’s educational achievements but also improve their emotional and physical well-being.

Our Poverty Relief Fund extends beyond immediate aid, aiming to uplift families from poverty. By focusing on various aspects like water and food poverty, we strive to create long-term, sustainable change. Each donation to our Poverty Relief Fund can transform lives. Join us in this vital mission to alleviate the hardships of the poor and needy around the world.

Effects of child poverty

Around the world, there are millions of children in poverty. Many come through it and achieve great things. However, the vast majority stay in the rut of generational poverty. During winter they sleep without proper blankets and many a time doesn’t get to eat stomach full. Children from poor backgrounds have to fight harder to make their future bright.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust’s poverty relief fund aims to help families come out of poverty. Donate generously towards our poverty relief fund and help change the lives of the poor & needy around the world.

Poverty: A Global Crisis (In Numbers)

2.2 Billion

People lack access to clean drinking water.

3.5 Billion

People without access to adequate sanitation.

700 Million

Individuals living in extreme poverty globally​.

250 Million

Children are not receiving any form of education.

£2 a Day

Nearly 1 billion people are living on less than £2 a day income.

Why Donate Zakat with Dabbagh Welfare Trust?


We believe in complete transparency. Insha’Allah, your donation will go directly to help those in need.


With a proven track record of providing humanitarian aid in conflict, war, and natural disaster zones, your donations are in safe hands.


Every donation no matter how small, will insha’Allah have a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust is a UK-based Islamic charity. We take pride in helping widows, orphans, and the most vulnerable families from some of the world’s poorest communities. Since our establishment, we have delivered aid from the funds raised via the Gaza Emergency Appeal, Yemen Crisis Appeal, Pakistan Floods Appeal, Bangladesh Floods Appeal, Syria Crisis Appeal and Afghanistan Emergency Appeal and helped countless victims of poverty, injustice and natural disasters.

Alhamdulillah, as an Islamic Charity, we have a proven track record of effectively and efficiently delivering aid to the most vulnerable. Donate to the Ramadan Food Appeal, Ramadan Water Appeal or Ramadan Zakat Appeal – Donate with confidence.

If you would like to donate and have questions please feel free to ask. Whether you want to sponsor an orphan, sponsor a widow, donate a handcart, sponsor a sewing machine, gift a goat or help someone by donating your Zakat, donate with confidence Insha’Allah. Every penny will be spent according to Sharia guidelines and under the supervision of the experienced Dababgh Welfare Trust team.