My mission is to help others by any means necessary be it through running, swimming, cycling or otherwise.

I am a member of British Triathlon & Triathlon England and train under Pendle Triathlon Club. Being amongst only a handful of Asia Muslim Triathletes in the whole of the U.K gives me a unique opportunity to use my platform to help others which is my sole purpose of life, to leave a positive impact in this world be it only a small one Alhamdulillah.

Triathlons are considered to be the single toughest sport in the world which means I have trained in multiple disciplines, multiple times a day at my own time and expense whilst juggling with the daily chores of life i.e. family, work etc therefore I hope and pray that you all as my family & friends will help support me through your donations, sharing my social media posts, encouragement & Dua’s in order that TOGETHER can make a difference to the lives of others insha’Allah.

With the funds raised from this campaign, Dabbagh Welfare Trust will help the poor and the needy all across the world.

Donate now towards the ‘Triathlons for Charity’ challenge and help change lives.

Triathlons I am taking part in…

Triathlons for Charity I am taking part in…

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