Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

Due to a 15-year blockade, Gaza has become one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crises. The people of Gaza are struggling to survive, with over 2 million people food insecure, only 60% of the water safe to drink, and over 1 million people living in inadequate housing. The people of Gaza are also restricted in their freedom of movement, making it difficult to access basic necessities. The situation is particularly dire for widows and orphans, who are often the most vulnerable members of society. The purpose of this writing about the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis is to highlight the severity of the situation and how and why we should help.

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The Daily Struggles of the People of Gaza


Over 2 million people in Gaza are food insecure, meaning they do not have enough food to eat on a daily basis.


The unemployment rate in Gaza is over 50%, making it difficult for people to support themselves and their families.

Freedom of Movement

The blockade has restricted the movement of the people of Gaza, making it difficult for them to access basic necessities or take a break from the hardships of life in Gaza.


97% of the tap water in Gaza is unsafe to drink.


Over 1 million people in Gaza live in inadequate housing.

The Impact of Gaza Humanitarian Crisis on Widows and Orphans





Widows and orphans in Gaza are facing an especially difficult situation. They are the poorest and most marginalised members of society in Gaza, and they are disproportionately affected by this humanitarian crisis. Many widows and orphans have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and their loved ones. They are struggling to survive, and they need help from people like yourself.

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis: Why they need our help?

  • 80% of the population in Gaza requires humanitarian assistance.
  • The Gaza economy has completely collapsed.
  • The healthcare system in Gaza is struggling to meet the demands.
  • The education system in Gaza is under imminent threat.
  • The environment in Gaza is unsuitable for human habitation.
  • A significant majority of the Gaza population suffers from mental health issues.
  • The constant threat and risk of violence and conflict are major contributors to social problems in Gaza.
  • The future of the people of Gaza is uncertain, with little hope for improvement in sight.


The Gaza Humanitarian Crisis has left its population battling for survival. With more than 2 million people facing food insecurity, lack of access to safe drinking water, and over 1 million residing in substandard housing, the situation is alarming. On top of all this 15-year blockade has completely destroyed the economy and social system. In such a dire situation imagine the lives of thousands of widows and orphans. May Allah make it easy for the people of Gaza. Aameen

In all this doom and gloom, we can all do our part to help the people of Gaza. We can donate our sadaqah and zakat, volunteer our time, or spread awareness about the crisis. Together, we can make a difference and help ease the pain of the people of Gaza.

Donate your sadaqah and zakat today and help the people of Gaza.

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