Save a Family from Severe Heat

All of us have visited either Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East, or an African country. We all know how hot it gets during May, June, July & August.

Now imagine, temperatures of 50C and you don’t even have a fan to save yourself and your family from the severe heat.

Unfortunately, millions of families in these countries do not have access to basic necessities like a fan or an air cooler to save themselves from hot weather.

DWT’s Hot Weather Charity Appeal

Summer has arrived. Whilst in the west we don’t tend to see the extreme heat like many parts of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle East & Africa but we all know how hot it gets in these places. The temperature of 50C is an everyday thing during May, June, July & August.

Human endurance gets tested to limit during this period. In many parts of these countries, millions of families do not have access to basic summer necessities like fans or air coolers.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust has launched its hot weather charity appeal. We are aiming to provide hundreds of families with fans and air coolers so they can save themselves from severe heat. We need your support. Sponsor a fan or an air cooler and provide comfort to a poor family.

Save the Children during Hot Weather

Children suffer the most during hot weather. Many children suffer heat strokes. By providing fans and air coolers to poor & needy families we will save hundreds of children from falling ill and in many cases saving their lives.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust is also helping hundreds of these poor & needy families by building water pumps for them. These water pumps will not only provide clean drinking water but will also provide cold water during the heatwave to keep children cool. Sponsor a water pump and provide respite for children during hot weather.

Save the Elderly People during Hot Weather

After children, the elderly suffer the most during hot weather. Many lose their lives due to dehydration and suffering heat strokes.

This summer,  Dabbagh Welfare Trust is aiming to provide hundreds of families with elderly relatives with fans and air coolers. We believe even if we can save one life during this summer, we have fulfiled our mission. We cannot do this alone, we need your support. Give a gift of a fan or an air cooler and help us save lives.

Water for Elderly during Hot Weather

Many families have to travel long distances to fetch clean drinking water. Mostly it is women and young children who have to carry out this duty on behalf of the family. Water is not only a drink but for the elderly, it provides a lifeline during the hot summer days.

Build a water pump for a poor family and provide clean drinking water as well as respite from the heatwave. This is a Sadaqah Jariyah opportunity, which means until people continue to benefit from your donation you and your loved ones will continue receiving rewards and good deeds from Allah.

People Suffering From Extreme Heat

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