Join us on a life-changing journey with our upcoming charity challenge, where you’ll travel to Africa to personally deliver lifesaving aid and help build water wells for those in need. Experience the heartwarming satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. But it’s not all hard work—reward yourself with a thrilling two-day safari across the untamed landscapes of Serengeti National Park.

Join us in this unique adventure that combines humanitarian efforts with the breathtaking beauty of the wild Serengeti plains.

It’s an opportunity to give back and create unforgettable memories, all in one incredible trip.

Take on the CHALLENGE!


The Lake District is England’s picture-perfect mountain mecca and the landscape plays host to some of the most beautiful trails in the country. From our seaside startline, we head inland on quiet country lanes, towards the brooding peaks beyond. Hitting the trails in Wasdale, we will trace the shore of the imposing Wast Water before our glorious ascent of Scafell Pike begins. The descent traces a different descent to come full circle to where you commenced your journey back at the coast.


  • First 10 Entries


  • Sep 19th - Oct 19th


  • Oct 20th - Nov 20th


  • Nov 21st - Dec 21st



  • Dates

    April 2024

  • Duration

    10 Days (Approx)

  • Cost

    To be announced

  • Who can participate?

    Open to brothers & sisters

Why Dabbagh Welfare Trust?


We believe in complete transparency. Insha’Allah, your donation will go directly to those in need.


With a proven track record of providing humanitarian aid in conflict, war, and natural disaster zones, your donations to any emergency appeal are in safe hands. Insha’Allah


Every donation no matter how small, will insha’Allah have a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable.

Dabbagh Welfare Trust is a UK-based Islamic charity. We take pride in being recognised as a charity that works closely with widows, orphans, and the most vulnerable families from some of the world’s poorest communities. Over the past decade, we have delivered aid from the funds raised via the Gaza Emergency Appeal, Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, Pakistan Floods Appeal, and Afghanistan Emergency Appeal and helped countless victims of poverty and injustice. Alhamdulillah, as a charity, we have a proven track record of effectively and efficiently delivering aid. Donate to the Food Appeal, Water Appeal or Winter Appeal – Donate with confidence. Insha’Allah

Alhamdulillah, as an Islamic Charity, we have a proven track record of effectively and efficiently delivering aid to the most vulnerable. Donate to the Food Appeal, Water Appeal or Zakat Appeal – Donate with confidence.

If you would like to donate and have questions please feel free to ask. Whether you want to sponsor an orphan, sponsor a widow, donate a handcart, sponsor a sewing machine, gift a goat or help someone by donating your Zakat, donate with confidence Insha’Allah. Every penny will be spent according to shar’i guidelines and under the supervision of the experienced Dababgh Welfare Trust team.