Take up Woman vs Mountain challenge with #TeamDWT and help families come out of poverty. Funds raised from this challenge will help provide food, water and financial aid to the poor & needy families. Poverty Relief Fund will also help poor families set up start-up businesses like sewing, corner shops, rickshaws and goat farming.


This legendary mountain adventure run starts at sea level in the stunning Caernarfon Castle and weaves its way to the summit of Snowdon and down the other side into Dinorwic Quarry where we’ve thrown in an array of punishing obstacles, including the infamous Vertical Kilometre, for you to tackle before you can cross the finish line victorious.

Challenge Details

  • Registration Fee


  • Fundraising Target


  • Departure

    2nd September 2022

  • Race Day

    3rd September 2022

  • Return

    4th September 2022


– Transport
– 2 Nights Stay
– Breakfast
– Dinner (3-course meal)

Woman Vs Mountain FAQ

At least 22 miles. The exact distance will be announced as we reveal more of the route, but you should be prepared for no less than 22 miles with significant ascent (well, from sea level to the summit of Snowdon for starters!), some steep terrain and some varied mountain weather. This is a full day’s outing on rugged ground.

Well, you should be prepared for a long day on your feet. Certainly you should be able to comfortably complete a half marathon and you should practise being in the mountains, whether that’s hiking, or running up them. BUT, this event is not designed solely for whippet-y fell runners. It is a unique proposition. Being way-marked (which means no map and compass required) this allows you to concentrate on the task at hand – which is covering the distance, looking after your nutrition and making sure you are comfortable – good footwear and the right clothing to put on if the weather turns a bit iffy. This is a step-up for 10k road runners but it’s achievable and is built to be so.

Kind of. But the obstacles are provided by Mother Nature. You could say that we have taken the concept of obstacle-based runs and put it into the hills. The concept is to provide a solid running challenge that links up a few obstacle encounters: These will be exhilarating and largely provided by the landscape, as opposed to being built. Think jumping, swimming (very short sections and with the use of buoyancy aids and safety cover), scrambling and possibly the use of some ropes. We might throw one or two man-made obstacles at you but these too will be “built into” the landscape.

Rat Race’s ethos has always been about inspiring folk to undertake challenges in awesome outdoor locations. Our Man Vs events are not formal race environments and there are no winners and losers and we do not award prizes for the fastest folk. We think of them as races with a small ‘r’. We publish the times captured by our tracking system in alphabetical order for your information and comparison as we know everyone does their best and many want to see how their efforts compared to others. Rat Race totally appreciate the incredible commitment of those taking on the challenges we lay down and each participant is as important as the next regardless of how fast you can run.

In delivering these unique Man Vs challenges we prioritise factors such as safety, camaraderie and environmental concerns. Respecting the wishes of landowners and environmental stakeholders with our route management and litter policies is vital in being able to bring folk together and have this common experience. In terms of safety we are often operating routings in exposed and remote locations and putting in place obstacle challenges that require attention to be given to the directing staff instructions, with completion not compulsory if a participant is not confident.

To reasonably balance all these factors, we emphasise that the event is not a formal race environment, rather it a challenge in the great outdoors where great folk come together with a common purpose. Caring for fellow competitors, litter control, closing gates and taking care on road crossings are what the event is about, rather than being the fastest around the course.

Rat Race has invested heavily in adding GPS tracking to these event formats. This befits challenges of this nature, adding a strand to our safety system so that we can pin point folk that are lost or off-course; and respond with as much accuracy as possible in an emergency. Our tracking platform is therefore primarily for our race and safety management. It is not a race timing system. But it has features we can seek to utilise on top of our safety features, to enhance the supporter experience and to generate finisher times. That is our commitment: An added safety function first, a spectator service second and a finisher time third.

Registration is within the Finish & Event Village field next to Llanberis Community Centre. Registration is on Friday 3rd September ONLY, from approximately 2pm until approximately 10pm (final times will be confirmed). Saturday race day registration will not be possible. There is no car parking directly at the Event Village but there are several pay and display car parks nearby.

If you choose to stay in Llanberis we have a pre-bookable bus transfer to get you to the start line on Saturday morning. Our service will commence at 0630 and will run until all ticket holders are at the start line. Please note, space on this service is limited and once all tickets are gone, it will be sold out. The buses will depart from the Community Centre (LL55 4UR), which is also where the event will finish. The cost is £10 and can be booked here. For those in earlier waves, we will ensure you are on the first buses to leave. Bus ticket wristbands are collected from registration and will need to be worn to get access to the pre-event buses.

If you’re staying in Caernarfon or if you have parked there, we will have a taxi shuttle service available from the finish line. Departing from Llanberis from 1400, taxi seats will be available to take you back to Caernarfon. These services will leave from the Community Centre (LL55 4UR). The cost will be a fixed £5/seat and will be payable on boarding the cab. If you want to book a full cab in advance, you can do so online here.

The event starts in Caernarfon and finishes at Llanberis.

Llanberis is 7.5 miles from Caenarfon by road on the A4086.

Good question. You need to be ready to do 20 miles on foot in the mountains. That means sturdy off-road footwear, some good waterproofs, gloves, headwear and plenty to eat and drink. We’ll release a mandatory kit list in the Essential Event Information (EEI) document prior to the event that you must carry for your safety. The 2019 EEI can be viewed here. The basic principle here is to dress comfortably, in gear that you know and trust. Spend some time on the hills and try some combinations. We will have some feed stations en route but you should also endeavour to carry fluids and food that suit you. Our feed stations are there to support you; but they won’t provide energy gels and the like, so if you have a favourite Scooby snack or race nutrition solution, you should pack that on your person. The Rat Race Store has kit available to help fill any gaps in your kit checklist. See our selection here.

This is a running event, not a swimming event, but you will certainly get wet, and when it is full immersion we will issue buoyancy aids and have water safety staff on standby. In order to complete the event fully, you must be able to swim. But all of the water sections are short and can be bypassed if you wish.

You will carry your rucksack for the duration of the run route. At our event obstacles that result in full immersion there will be a option for you to remove your bag while completing the obstacle. Where there are wades there is the chance that slipping over could result in your bag getting submerged. We recommend you have all valuables and electronics stored in waterproof drybags. After all, if it rains as heavily as it can do in Snowdonia then your bag getting wet is inevitable.

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